Energy Saving Tips

Find ways to save on your electric bill by using these energy saving tips.

energy saving tips

It's the summer time, and if you're in the south it's one of the hottest times of the year.

What does that mean?

Your a/c is running 24/7 and it's racking up your energy bill.

And if you're like us, you're in Texas where it's hot as hell, and energy costs are definitely not getting any cheaper, ranging from 9 cents to 16 cents per kw.

If your house is larger, then you're spending even more trying to keep the home cool while also dealing with all sorts of things that might be causing you to spend more and more energy.

So, let's take a look at some of the top tips to reducing your energy costs.

The obvious one: keep things OFF

Yea, you know this one, but what you might not know is just how much things start to accumulate over time when you leave everything on.

Not only are we talking about lights, but computers, phones or tablets that are constantly charging, a/c on when you don't need it (or it's set to too low of a temperature), or various other electronics that are constantly on.

One of then little known things about electronics is that even when something is off, if it's plugged into the wall socket, it is drawing a little bit of energy continuously that can slowly add up.

And if you're in a bigger home, chances are the number of energy sucks in the home is also higher, meaning more energy consumption and waste that happens over time.

You can save nearly 10% of your total energy costs just adhering to this one rule. 

The biggest offender is your computer. When you leave it on overnight, for 30 nights, then you're going to see potentially a jump of $15-$20 just from that alone.

Desktop computers are one of the biggest energy hogs in a modern day home.

Air leaks can cause a serious issue with your cooling

There are different types of air leaks that can affect your home's internal temperature.

The most obvious/common one is air leaks from windows or doors, because as the air is flowing out (air pressure will make this happen more quickly than you expect), the temperature is constantly needing to be re-cooled.

Another thing to take a look at is your ventilation system.

Sometimes the air ducts that are hiddein in the wallss that are hiddein in the walls, attic, flooring, or wherever, actually have tears in them.

This means that the air that's being cooled and circulated is losing a percentage of that in the tears that's being released into your attic. 

That's basically lost air that just costs you money, since there's no reason to cool down the attic space.

One of the things you can do is call an inspector or an a/c specialist to do an air quality test and also check your ventilation system to see if there are any issues with it and identify where any leaks might be there so they can be patched up.

Get some referrals

This isn't so much an energy savings tip as it is a energy cost reduction tip.

If you're in a de-centralized energy state, you have the option to choose the energy company you sign up with.

That means it's a capitalist market, where energy companies are competing with each other, driving prices down and giving more and more bonus perks.

One of those perks is the ability to get a reduction to your bill by signing someone up as a referral.

If a friend, family member, or stranger signs up via your link or referral code, you both get a discount on your energy bills.

Reliant, for example, currently has a energy reduction of $75 for each person.

It was $50 before, which means they've already raised it to keep up with others and try to bring in more referrals, and sometimes they run promotions that increase it to $100 or $150.

This is an excellent way to get reductions from your regular bills plus potentially creating a credit to your account so you almost never have to pay energy fees at all.

This is one of the most little known methods to get cheaper energy from your energy company, and it's one that you can probably take advantage of almost immediately.

We'll have some more soon!

These are the top 3 things we've identified right now that are often ignored or overlooked.

We'll continue to add more and more information and tips over the next few months so that you can refer back and continue to drop the cost on your energy bills for your home.

Check back on our homepage next time to find the latest info!


Thanks to Reliant Energy Promo Code ( for providing information in this article about using referral codes to get discounts on energy bills.

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