Energy Saving Tips


One thing that most people don't realize is that most of their energy companies, if the state they're in is decentralized, has a referral program. It's one of the ways that companies use to try to attract more customers. These referral programs can sometimes have some decent benefits, like $50-$100+ credit on your bill, which can really add up if you're able to sign up a few friends. 

Consider that if your average energy bill is about $150, and you've already got a contract for your service that has brought your rate down to a more reasonably competitive level, then adding on $150-$300 in credit to your bill further reduces your overall expenditure. Where your costs for the year may be about $1800, you could drop it down to $1500 or even less, depending on how many people you refer -- or better yet, if you've found a way to perpetuate the savings!

Some folks have taken to social media to promote their codes so that people can sign on, receive a bonus, and the referrer receives their bonus. Both parties will get a credit, so the incentive is there for someone to switch over, especially if they're no longer on a contract that is benefiting them with lower costs. This allows you to bring on more and more people by simply referring them through your social network.

Another fascinating way is through Google. People are constantly looking for promo codes or coupon codes for their energy company. Ranking a website to appear first on the search results allows you to come up before other, more generic, coupon sites. Once a person finds a working code they don't need to keep looking. This means that your site must come up as the very first listing. One of the sites that we've found does this pretty well is Reliant Energy Promo Code. They've been able to rank #1 for several terms, and they're on the first page for many others, which means that they're bringing in a lot of traffic that turns into recurring referral customers. This is a really smart, long-term move!

Check out the referral program available for your energy company and see if there's a way to create a credit to your bills. If there isn't, consider finding a company that provides similar benefits but has a better refer a friend program!