Energy Saving Tips



At, we focus on the top tips for reducing energy consumption in our homes or office buildings. The goals are two-fold:

  1. By reducing our energy usage, we can reduce the amount we pay on our energy bills, which is already a staggering amount when you consider that an average home spend about $200-$250 per month simply on electrical usage.
  2. Our energy usage is creating a huge environmental problem, and by reducing energy waste we can actually lower how much toxic material we put into the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. 

While these goals are undoubtedly ambitious, considering the number of people in the world and the immense amounts of energy we consume along with its proportionate emissions, every little bit counts. Every small thing that we do to reduce energy waste and consumption lowers our bill, and that reflects upon how much we reduce the amount of damage occurring in the environment. These little changes add up, when you consider the many millions of people living in the country. We are just trying to do our part to help you do yours.